G36 from box seems bugged


disregard this, it turns out you cannot heal yourself with it apparantly.


Guardian Ezekiels staff would heal himself with the same special, did they change this? I also wondered since it does say heal other but always healed me too


i thought ezekiels staff would heal himself also, which is why it thought it bugged


(Edit: I’ll leave my original post here, but it appears that I was wrong and you can no longer heal yourself. )

You can only heal yourself if all of your teammates health is already full.

Kind of like guardian, it will only target the user if there are no other teammates availible.


It was changed a while back I believe. I would notice that in SR, Blue Heath stopped healing himself no matter how many times I attacked him. It matches up with the weapon description now.


Oh shit. So I’m wrong? I’ll have to test it out


No lol. Anyone would rather fight Garrett with that weapon rather than him having an Impair gun.

It’s like how people would pile on Yellow Morgan when he was lead to charge up their AP.


I was thinking like this need to test it o my own but ı can only test after war or ask an opponent.


Can anyone confirm if this is working as intended. You cannot heal yourself


Just confirmed from a friend he attacked me and attacked the toon with G36 first, result = no healing done. Cannot heal himself it seems.