FYI - Mods are added AFTER multipliers



Just a refresher to a counter-intuitive mechanism how Mods work that has been confirmed (way back when) by Devs.

Mods get added after all multipliers, not before, meaning your stat card would is misleading.
Seems like a small difference but it can change things by about 10-15% depending on setup.


So it is…
(BASE x L x W x B x D) + M
(1,845 x 1.3 x 1.3 x 1 x 1) + 1,005 = 4,123 Attk

(BASE + M) x (L x W x B x D)
(1,845 + 1,005) x (1.3 x 1.3 x 1 x 1) = 4,816 Attk

M = mod
L = Lead
W = Weapon
B = Buff
D = Debuff

Dont use these…

Use these ones:

Original question by: @Wanderer


and recently discussed here.

Obvious: no
The way it is: Yes


Cool thanks for summarizing.

Good reference and I’ve tried to explain. It to a few peeps, but they never followed or didn’t believe me.

Was never willing to summarize it as such.

Now to figure out those towers =-)


I thought it was well known, but clearly not. Useful to have it posted for those who didn’t know - especially if your trying to up and team grade (although how weapons work for that is hella confusing)


There’s a gold mine of information hidden away in these forums. Unfortunately, many people’d rather start a new thread vs go looking.
There’s an XKCD cartoon about how few threads summarize what’s been learned in the first post… leading to lots of spinning tires / re-asking.


Doesn’t help new threads are closed automatically after 3 days so they are lost if the conversation dies


I’ve had this quoted twice today and I typed it months ago haha