FYI: FA Tara & the Flare-guns



Everyone was excited when faction assault came out for a chance of museum 6* Tara…

Step 1) Obtain Earrings to get her from the museum

  • Gold - 5*- needs 4
  • Platinum - 6* - needs 6 (EXTREMELY RARE) I still haven’t collected one

Tier6 reward bag gives chance of 9 things, notably : 1 Gold, 2 Gold, 1 platinum (black). 11% odds for one (if equally weighted, but likely not)

Step 2)
5* T4 Tara needs 7 Flare-Guns
6* T4 Tara needs 12 more Flare-Guns
for a total of 19 flare guns total

Tier6 reward bag gives chance of 9 at: 1 or 2 Flare guns. 11% odds (again, likely weighted as they are very rare)


Assuming you run a T6 Faction assault every 2-3 weeks… you’ll likely collect enough gold earrings to collect 5* tara in about 6 months.
Trouble is, collecting 7, let alone 19 flare guns will take several years.

Conclusion: Similar to the prestige 5* Michonne with a revive blade, this is a feature of the game that will take too long to be enjoyed.


they should sell her earrings in the fa depot for a hefty amount of fa tokens


She ain’t that hard to get


Only t1 tho. Step ya game up lol


Depends on your luck.


1 flair away from t2 tho


I have been one flare gun away from tier two for the last five FA. I have given up.


Good sht



I’m one earring off my second 5★ Tara. Got enough flare guns to get the 5★ to 6★ but I’m waiting until I either get enough flare guns or platinum earrings to go straight to 6★


been in a top 3 fac for a while
for gold earrings and 9 flare guns, been lucky, but need more :frowning:



How many faction assault trophies does your faction have?


I agree its a ridiculous amount of time. I’ve gotten a total of 2 flare guns even though I’m consistently in 1st and we run T6 like every 2 weeks or so. So knowing that I’ll never get her, I went to sell the stupid flare guns bc why keep and imagine my surprise to see they’re only worth a measly 10 food! Lol come on.

But you hit the nail on the head with the Michonne comparison! Its the same thing except Tara is actually worth it, unlike Michonne. I deported her arse close to 2 years ago, got tired of looking at her. Not to mention she’s totally worthless now so what’s the point. Her sword would be nice though since I’ll never get a revive.

But what always disgusted me was the amount of time it takes to hit prestige 13 to be able to get Michonne and her sword. Like what in the actual fack were they thinking, 12 years to hit rank 13!! Really!?! 12 years? Who tf is going to play this game for 12 years?!? No one that’s who. The way it’s being run it won’t even be around in 2 years let alone 12. :laughing:
Or if you don’t want to wait 12 years to get now obsolete toon to tier 4 and her sword you could always go ahead and spend $24,000 dollars on coin packs. Yeah that’s realistic :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the breakdown too :+1: didn’t realize how much it took to get Tara.


@JB.Scopely please help us !

Can you give to us more alternative ways to get flare guns ?!