Future Princess 5* museuam collection and Princess cards?

Can we please get an official answer to these questions @GR.Scopely ?

Currently if you don’t get 2 Princess in this event you will never get S Class Princess since there is no museum collection to redeem cards for a 5* version.

Will a 5* Princess museum collection be created?
If not, will she be available in a future premier wheel so we can get a 2nd one if we failed to in this event?
Will Princess cards be made available via other methods in the future?


S-Class Princess will remain attainable after the event ends. Please stay tuned for further communications to be provided at a later date.

That would suggest the answer is yes, but it’s not very concrete yet.

[ETA] I would guess they won’t release very specific information yet, as some people might not spend to get things now if they knew more - typical Scopely Ops tactic, using lack of information to create pressure.


I think 60 teddies is doable as a f2p, but I agree that more info would be nice.

Yeah I hope so but looks like it will require a lot of arena battles to get enough elf hats. Then you need to play that roadmap 50+ times. I think it’s going to be very hard for most f2p unless they really grind and also have a lot of arena tickets as that is by far the primary way to get tickets.

Thanks for that link. I saw that once before but totally forgot about it. They put up some good (not great but good) information and probably 99.5% of players don’t even know about it. :frowning:

Check out some of the other threads for LUT milestone leaks. There’s about 1.5k hats in there and a silver (and gold) quill. If they keep this up (and depending on the exact timing and what happens in fac LUT), the arrow map should be playable at least once, maybe twice, and you can probably get a word or two for an extra 5-10 teddies, and maybe 8-10 from hats.

That should relieve the pressure on arena tickets substantially, as long as F2P can hit 2.5/3mil regularly (or compensate the occasional miss with arena tickets). I think it’'s very doable now, although it will still require heavy grinding of course.

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thank you for ur question, I will take this back to the team

(save gr some time for more important things)

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1,100 elf tickets available tomorrow in milestones. Just keep chipping away at it.

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another question: is it even possible to get her 5* version without paying? i have 5 teddys and idk if i will be able to get more

Yes it is keep doing the free letters and you will get enough teddy bears.

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And keep on doing the arena daily will help

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No one knows yet (e.g. if payback Negan is in all words, a lot of people will not be able to get many of the ‘free’ teddies).

My best guess would be:

  • One 5* Princess available with mild grinding, but not quite zero-effort.
  • Two 5* Princess available with extensive grinding, but possible f2p
  • Sclass Princess available only by spending heavily.

Agreed :hugs:

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