Future Plans....update?


Just wondering if anyone at Iugo could give us even a hint of if there’s plans for upcoming game improvements, updates, new ideas on how to keep the game fresh going forward. Or just general progress.

With the recent successful update brining in lots of handy features.
Was wondering if the community has lots to look forward too?
Even answers without much if any detail would be handy…
To know the future for the game is stable or even bright.


I know one…


Didn’t one of the devs say the wheels would all get changed with the next update?



If they make a wide range of 5*s easier to get…
Doesn’t that make the chance of them been ascendable very very slim?

Less profits…

Also may make them weak…

Something that’s always puzzled me.
It’s already had a huge impact on Ascension.

Garret, Andrea, Laura all could have been ascended from there previous 5*s.

We are getting 1 sometimes 2 new 5*/6* a week now.
But current 5*s get one a month.


To add to that, the chances of an ascendable toon from the current 5* wheel is a joke. I tried in all previous promo for shiva, now a days I’ve saved. Done only doubles, then trebles and shit. I had 2 Pulls by the end of war, only for one dupe, but then a faction mate of mine pulled dupe ascendable Carl and shiva… he has like 3 shivas already… wtf… now I had pulled dupes ty Boobs Yuki & abe, while some cant get any. We need a separate wheel for a chance at ascendbles or something… dis heartening all around Cus we could have traded each other lol…


Level ups will get short, like every hour


Haven’t seen an ascendable from the 5* token wheel in months. Too watered down with other 5 stars.


A region merge is desperately needed @kalishane


Roll tide your wrong