Future of Survivor Club

What’s the deal scopely?

No new toon announcement?
No more weekly rewards?
No more exclusive offers?

Are you just throwing in the towel? If so…say so.

They did mention an announcement was coming “soon” about a new toon. But yes it would be good to know if we actually will be getting some value for our money sooner than “soon”


Seems people are always in a rush. You know how scopley rolls…(on their own time), give it some time. Be patient ffs


Normally I’d agree with you, but in this case I don’t see any reason why they would wait on the announcement. SC depends on subscriber interest and when you have people cancelling memberships cause they got their Andrea already, it just seems counter productive.

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I for one stopped my membership because I have Andrea 6* t3 ready to go to t4 but got over pulling 4* toons and not getting really much out of the membership all together

Exactly. Give people a reason to stay or they will leave. Most I talk to have left already and I bet unless the toon is outstanding, most who left won’t come back. It wasn’t hard to figure out when most players would max Andrea so they should have been prepared at that point to release or announce something new.

I am thinking that they are going to tie the updated SC character to the new update so it will be a while. But that is just a guess based on how they rolled out Andrea originally.

Sorry…I don’t think I’m being impatient…especially when they have ceased the other incentives, specifically the club only offers (most of which, were not very appealing, to be honest) and especially the weekly rewards of trainers and gear…which was actually a better reason to be in the club than Andrea. If in a month, I can get 10 Benedict’s, a handful of lilliths a bunch of double holsters and whetstones and hockey masks etc…that more than pays for the club.

Sure…there is still a free 4* toon a day pull and no gear required for crafting…but when they cease all these things and don’t actually SAY anything about any of them, it LOOKS like they are either scrapping the club entirely or don’t care about keeping members.

The new sc toon is in the museum right now


They are giving away free comics as a rewards for being a SC member. Shame I missed out as I cancelled my membership yesterday.

I love it any new member that was thinking about joining but then realised it will take a month just to get the toon isn’t going to bother lmao

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