Future of Prestige levels


I don’t think anyone has mentioned the prestige levels in general.
So should they update it? I mean the lvl 13 reward was that five star michonne and now we have 6* characters…so what’s the point of getting her?

Are we going to have more levels?
Some people (not me) should be beyond lvl 13


I hope they will add more levels and it will count retroactively prestige, this is definitely needed. P13 is really not the boundary dedicated players should meet, it must go a lot above it, p25 or something like that seems reasonable.


If I’m not mistaken 13 is her revival sword and 12 u get her last upgrade piece. None the less they definitely need to either add prestige levels or revamp it all together. I used that red goVerner for a long time but besides some Sr or roadmaps never got to use michonne in a war or raid aspect. I think have a pick your side petite would have been cool and upgrading them should be normal. Having a ranged or melee toon would have been cool. Unfortunately there’s so much in this game that can be improved that won’t be or won’t he while most people that have been here for 2 years will see.


I’m not against giving those prepared to spend something extra for their money. However, let’s get one thing straight, it has nothing to do with dedication. People that play every day, sometimes for many hours, people with the longest possible log-in streak, patient zeros that are still playing, they are the dedicated ones. Spenders can be dedicated too, but spending does not necessarily equate to dedication.


Lots of $200k players floating around?


Yes, you’re right Jlag.

Perhaps a re-structure of the prestige levels would be nice.
Max prestige lvl 25, but it would be more difficult than lvl 13.
(I hope that made sense)


You don’t understand word dedicated, shane will explain it to you one day. Process is like FBI revealing documents, takes decades. They should definitely get something extra for compulsion, P25 is reasonable (every level means x2 previous). It is usually umbrella in cocktail or complimentary sammich but scopely doesn’t send stuff. I just wanna see how high ego and compulsion goes, for fun.


Just because Scopely has bastardised the word ‘dedicated’, it does not follow that we have to accept it. So yes, I do understand the word ‘dedicated’.


On this forums and in game it is permanently changed, no return now…


Update of the prestige rewards maybe? Retrospectively applied of course would be nice. Prestige 12.5 here. Shoot me if I ever reach 13… No idea how much that will of cost me.


P25 isnt enough, the most dedicated players wants P75 :slightly_smiling_face: