Future Legacy Ascendables?

We’re coming to the end of the previous list of legacy toons put aside for ascension, with only I think Aaron and Lori left from the original ‘don’t use these toons as fodder because they’re going to become useful’ list.

Any chance @kalishane you could supply us a list of the next 10/12 5*s that are going to get the ascension treatment?

Sorry if this has been brought up before, can’t find anything.


It has. Kalishane said that there should be a list by the end of the month. Here’s hoping :ok_hand:

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Excellent thankls, plenty of dupes & Benedict’s for now but starting to run short, don’t wanna end up using a maxed toon that could turn out to be useful, or at the very least used for solo points.

Im not running short on benedicts cause i have nothing to ascend because no new legacy toons are ascendable smh


I Can’t wait to see the next list tbh. Instead of hoarding all these useless 5* I can finally use them for fodder. No way I’ll be around for the next list in 2019 :joy:

It would be awesome to see prestige michonne become a kickass 6* even though there are two different versions of her. Like Negan, shiva, rosita, zeke, rick, jesus, and the gov. Call me crazy but I hate seeing or using two of the same character (duplicate or different version) on a team. Where is the variety?

My ultimate wish list would be a 1* that you could ascend all the way to a 6* but that will probably never happen. Probably would be lucky if we got 4* ascendable up to a 6*.

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I thought the zeke event was pretty good, gift a 3* and make it get upgraded on a schedule to 5* then have it ascendable.

Would be good to do something similar for legacy 4* (not 3*, they’ve been too crap for too long)

Green 4* Axel needs to go legendary… but to be fair I’d be happier seeing og yellow Jesus. og camo Michonne, og blue Andrea, og sandy, cooper, og Zeik, command green Jesus/Dwight… so many great options… tyresse, Morgan…

My faction is running friendly defences with epics only. It’s been fun dusting off the old 5*'s and facing some different teams.

Scopely please… we need to have more variety of characters. Every war is a carl of Erika lead… nothing else even comes close to a defend. Stale… please increase the rate in which these legacy characters are released… @kalishane @kalishane @kalishane

My Bets are on 1* Gerald :wink:
Or 4* Benji, 4* Oliver, 4* Rod or 4* Valerie

I’d love to see a legendary Rod

That came across as more of a euphemism than I intended.

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I already made a post about Legendary version’s of:
4* Benji
4* Oliver
4* Tye
4* Rod
and 4* Kelly

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