Future Legacy Ascendables 2019

@JB.Scopely just touching base as we approach the festive season and the end of 2018, has there been any update or discussion about the legacy ascendable list for 2019?

I know you have a lot to deal with however this is quite an important topic for almost every player. We have a bunch of 5* toons just sitting gathering dust, some were free and some cost a fortune which makes it that much harder to swallow for some.

A new large list for 2019 would be a nice Christmas present for the community, if at all possible.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


we can get list in late 2019…Relese time like in 2018…

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The future legacy ascendables of 2019 are for certain.


I just hope there’s a fast legacy f2p healer coming soon!! I’m in dire need of a healer and Carley isn’t worth wasting my severely depleted gear stocks. Especially since she’d be stuck at tier 3 like 90% of my 6*.


Cant see them giving a list, they’ve only just finished the last one and every since it was released the forum has been alive with people asking when they’ll be released.

Why put themselves through it? when they can just surprise us?

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2 yellow pay 6 star shields and no old ones hmmm so when’s the next pay one?

they’ll give u a list, but wont realise any u till December 2019 lol


I’m talking to the team about putting together the upcoming list, and hope to be able to push it early next year :slight_smile:


Is it possible to make them actually usable? And not completely rubbish?

Or is that too much to ask?

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That’s great news @JB.Scopely I really appreciate the update!!

As per other comments on.the forum if there could be some better thought in to the legacy ascendable toons (rushes, leader skills and specialist skills etc) that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Have a great Christmas period!!

Make new list and made them in to 6*s in 3-4 months.Pls dont make them in 1 year or more…

doesn’t seem hopeful


Previously it had been the day or few days after the last legacy ascendable to get a new list. Why do we now have to wait until 2019 to get the new list?

Surely you’ve had plenty of time to think about it? :wink:


Sounds Great. Hopefully they’ll listen to Players this time fully or almost fully and give some of the Fan Favorites the Treatment like Tripp, Jackson, Sawyer or Erin. And of course finally Darius


Please try to make a “few” of them without leader skills…


2019 is only a couple weeks away so maybe, (not likely) but maybe we’ll get the list soon.

I really wish they would make Og yellow Morgan or Og yellow Ty ascendable

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My prediction would be :wastebasket: :wastebasket: :wastebasket:

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rather #makeKatjafree6☆humanshield lol @JB.Scopely

have you ever heard the name Carley?