Future ftp legacy s class?

tough tyreese as s class anyone?
he used to be a force for a long time…
maybe it’s ok to bring him back :grin:

or maybe scopes could make a poll about what legendary/epic toon people would want as an s class and give it to them? just saying.

Look what happened when we did get legacy ascendable, we all got frustrated because they took for ever to come out then we got annoyed because they where trash and we had waited months for that toon.


Tripp #1


Ah man I used to love this Guy

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at least it was something to wait/play for. now ftp don’t have a thing to play for. the only thing out are p2w events.

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As long as it’s not a telltale. no thank you.

I am completely free to play yet I am 160 of my second raulito and I have S-Class laopo. Also why do you think they added the gold bar system

They have stated they have zero plans of making six stars into S class toons. Shame.

I don’t think they will ever do legacy Sclass. If they were to, they would have done it by now.

I’m ok with this. The fewer Stoons the better, but even if you don’t agree with this, the legacy system is pretty much the worst way of distributing free stuff.

Stop asking those silly questions, why do u think they made veteran rings in the first place?

This Picture makes me Sad. This Roster Picture looked so much better.

Money. Money and If you believe it or not… Moooonnnneeeeyy

That’s another subject, but u know they would never be any 6* to s-class this already been stated I see no reason to keep asking for something they will never do

Just one more legacy ascendable(Lopez) would be nice. There are no 6* red crit leads in the game yet. He doesn’t even have to be good. Just needs to have crit lead bonus and maybe decent hp recovery on his rush.

Edit: If Scopely do make Lopez a 6*, make him accessible for f2p players please :slight_smile:


scopely says a lot of things and then do it the other way round. if people would demand something then scopely would listen. i read that nobody wants legacy to s class / legendaries to s class… just wanted to know ppl opinion.


But seriously, I predict that legacy S-class is dead. The issue seems to be if that if they make a legacy character too powerful, you’ll have people who were lucky enough to have them already be instantly stronger, even more so if they had multiples. This would frustrate the people who didn’t have the ascendable. If they make the legacy not that strong, then everyone complains.

So now we get the shard system, where everyone can get an S class, no one gets a head start, AND you can actually choose who to go for.

Same here, one s class priya and 3k away from getting s class hengy
Just had to grind a lot (also got pretty lucky when we had the chance to get 800 s class items per roadmap for priya)

Yes, 6* Lopez please.

[ETA] @Katolo, if they really wanted to do it, they could have the legacy ascendables use the shard system. You can get the legacy 5* for 2k collectibles, but even if you already have two it would cost 6k - so a head start for people who have them, but they still need to spend/grind to make use of them. Still don’t think it’s a good idea.

are you a comedian? that never happened…

which would cause whales to buy more stuff to get more s class toons, which would fill their wallets. its their tactics to get people to spend more. its on from the beginning…

I never said it did happen, I said IF it did happen.