Future events for 2018


I see we are, yet again, having a Thanksgiving Day event. As the other 95.7% of the world don’t give thanks on this particular day I would like to suggest that next year we have more events around International days rather than American holidays. Some possible examples are;

7 Jan - International Programmers day
11 Feb - World Day of the Sick
8 Mar - International woman’s day - how about some roadmaps that can only use female characters or a female character as a reward?
23 Apr - World Book Day. A tie in with the books perhaps? Lily Caul as a 5/6*
1 May - International Workers Day
8 June - World Ocean Day. Something linked in with the Oceansiders would seem sensible.
12 Aug - International Youth day - Dwight, Carl, Sophia etc
19 Sept - Talk like a Pirate day (because why wouldn’t you?)
19 Nov - International Men’s day

Come on Scopely, the rest of the world eats Turkey at Christmas. How about we get one or two non American holiday tie ins?


Those are some really bad ideas :rofl:


I lol’d.

nice post.


How can an event tied in to World Talk Like a Pirate Day be a bad idea matey?


Ooo Rrrrr you anyway?