Future Ascendables timeline?


Apologize in advance if there is an answer out there already, but couldnt find the topic. Either way, do we have a Timeline on when older 5* previously mentioned (Gator, Gov, Rick, Etc) will be ascendable?


Early 2018. So by June 30th


Great, thank you:)


Initially it was through early 2018, subject to change of course as they’re currently short on 6*, there’s a lot going on in the game though and this will probably be pushed back while Premier recruits are designed.

Subject to availability, Epics can go down as well as up, your roster is at risk if you don’t keep up big pulls, while stocks last.


Thanks for the reply. I’m kinda grasping for straws on what to look forward to haha


I think what they did was go through my roster and any 5* I had they decided to leave off the list. As I keep adding new 5* now it keeps pushing back the start date!


June 30th of 2023


Probably never. Scopley only cares for there premier recruits and the money spend on them. So no need to release the old ascendable toons


Just in time for the funeral!


You mean June, 2030?


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