Future ascendables? Can we haz legacy toons?

Is there a current list of future ascendables? Like legit from scopely list, not the “leaks” that are never accurate? Also time frame on this? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

braces for wanderers toolkit comment

Is this a troll post?

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Scopely has already said no they aren’t releasing any lists.

They do not speak on that matter, all we have are the half baked leaks from VK


Genuinely curious

If it’s not a leak it doesn’t exist.

And if it is a leak it doesn’t necessarily exist neither

Yo dawg I heard you like leaks so I leaked you leaking a leak so your leak can get leaked


Better to ask VK.Scopely :rofl:

I wonder why they dont make new legacy toons.
But after so many new promos and people who still pulled for them i see a reason.

Less money in Legacy toons compared to promos is the biggest factor.

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