Future ascendables any more lists?


Hello all,

Has anyone seen any new lists with potential future ascendances seeing as the last list released most toons are out on it now would be nice to see what is in line next for future releases


NO scopes must finish current list ASAP!!!


Most toons out? Only half the list are completed so far.


Carly, Knox,Rose(next), Blue Maggie and Dwight are the ones remaining


And Carly is the only one you can get relatively easy so in other words who cares about the rest of them besides the few people who were lucky enough to pull one from the garbage wheels or as an event prize from back in the day.

Regardless we know what they do to legacy toons. Make them marginally useful but in the grand scheme of things on a p2w roster none of them will have a place.


Maggie is in the depot but it’s easier to fly to mars than calculate when she’ll pop up


It was last week :wink:


Hopefully Douglas will be on the next list. There really needs to be a ranged FTP guardian 2 toon


It’s ridiculous how long it takes them to make these toons we should have a list and they should be done with them in 3-4 months should not take a year to do this it’s bs


Honestly how hard is it to make 1 legacy per week? You seem to do that with premiers just fine.


dıwght carley knox rose maggıe


They make money on premiers. Legacies don’t interest them that much without thousands of dollars to steal from pulls.


yes all next


Doesn’t matter. If they can make premiers that quick, nothing is stopping them from making legacies that quick.


lets see Lori was released in may it now September list is halfway over should be done by news year hopefully


Could be done a lot sooner if they thought of their players instead of money.


we would complain less if league was made sooner as well or transfer or farmable gear maps


And locked to the p12 spot so there is no chance for a f2p to get her. The funny thing about this is the whales won’t want her as there is no way she will be better than anything they already have.


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