Future Ascendable Cards

Does anyone have any leaks of Lori, Dwight, and Gov?

I can’t understand why this would be flagged.

It’s a conspirancy!


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Someone already posted the Governor. Cant wait. As far as I know, there are no leaks yet for Lori and Dwight. Scopely is clearly focused on melee toons. Sadly I don’t expect any of these three to make an appearance for a long time.

During a blog for new threat gov they accidently showed this gov his stats has a buff he had like 1995 atk maxed

Can you please look into who is falsely flagging all these posts? There should be repercussions for this kind of behavior when clearly none of the posts contained objectional content.

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ANNNn there it is baybeeee

That sucks…thanks for the info on Gov. I’m looking forward to ascending Dwight and Lori. Especially Lori. If she keeps her Specialist skill and impair rush, she will be a problem.

Yeah OG Dwight was the first 5* I ever pulled. I hope it wasn’t a miscommunication error.


A dev recently said that with the next update they will be adding in about 40-50 4 and 5-stars back into the game and that all the museum ones would be available. Don’t feel like checking but isn’t og Dwight part of a collection?

I think the bigger problem is Scopes is stuck on melee toons. Almost all the promos are for melee. The rewards this year have all been melee and mostly yellow. Ranged is getting ignored so the Gov, Lori, and possibly Dwight are far of down the line. I have zero faith that “early 2018” means anything to them.

On one post, Kali said all future ascendables (the list of 12 or so) will be available through ascendance. She never explained if she meant that the 5 stars will be available there, or if it was just being able to ascend them. But I have hope… I’m desperate for Kal, Rick and Connor.

Can’t find the list. Kal is one for sure that will be ascendable from the current 5 star. Which Rick? The one from the list was the Christmas one and he’s been released. Not sure about Connor either. Maybe someone else here can help you out.

New ones maybe. Has anyone seen these guys.

Yep. Koa is ass but rumor has it this is a trick and he’s gonna be the 1st 6 star shield. We shall see. They are both premier recruits for sure either way not ascendable ones.

Screenshot_2018-03-04-21-52-11Screenshot_2018-03-04-21-51-59I’ve seen the leaks and the list. I know, but in the og thread she said that “all of these toons will be available through ascendance”. Here are those toons and the recent leaks. 151994694139215199469213161519946932387
Here’s specifically what she said:

I don’t think she meant you can make them from a 4 star if that’s what you’re hoping for. She means you can acquire the 5-star version and ascend it to a 6 star, i.e. premier recruits.

Sidiq, Gator, Joshua, and Glen are the only ones I am aware of from 4-star ascension. It has been a while they should update it so maybe there is hope but you know Scopely. It’s all about $100+ Premier recruits. I still cannot believe people spend that kind of money for a pixel.

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Honestly she was acting very robotic. So yeah it’s most likely going to be that.