Future 6* Kal when will he be Ready


Has his skills and special been posted yet hope he a Leader


At the end of a month.


Who’s Kai?









I dunno but hoping not soon.Kai is great don’t really want to see him ruined.


Really curious on how they’ll change him up.


I’m guessing he’ll be a guardian II specialist with an AP down active skill; adrenaline rush could have a taunt component as well, but :woman_shrugging:


when you say leader, if you mean persona he would just be legendary like the other 6*

I am hoping they keep him fairly similair to what he currently is, guardian2 and taunt on his rush.


Kal will be most likely be a g2
Be interesting to see how red lori translates doe she used to be a mega bitch lol


I think it’s a stupid decision to make Kal ascendable when we already have Wyatt, who is very similar to him. Then again we could not see 6 star version of Kal before the end of 2018 at this rate. Lol


Coming 2019


You overestimate legacy 5* production…Coming 2019 A.S…after sunset.