Fun Stuff That COULD Be Added To The Game

I’m just listing these things just for fun, but if you wish to implement them into the game, Scopely, go right ahead.

Player Theme - This is a bit weird of a suggestion. Why not make a system where players can insert a song that can play during a raid against their defending team? I think that would be pretty neat, even if the song has a time limit and has to be short before it loops. Players can put any song they want, from funny to actually an epic fight music. Now that would be great!

Skins for Characters - It can be hard to do this one, since you’ll be using creativity to invent new versions of certain characters like Rick, Carl or Negan, but “Skins” related to certain real life or in game events or even related to other games sounds quite nice, especially for Legendaries which are a bit more common now. It would be awesome to see a Mario Rick fighting a Bowser Negan or a Terminator Governor pushing his way to kill a Luke Skywalker Carl.

Character Voice Acting - I had this idea since when the Adrenaline Rushes were updated with new sounds and looks. And I’m impressed at how characters don’t at least grunt or shout when attacking or attacked (We already have death sounds, which can be a bit more updated). This could enhance the feeling of battle during raids and World/Roadmap/Survival Road fights. Just remember to add an option to disable this. We don’t want others to think we are watching porn without headphones.

Victory Actions - Why can’t a team shout “For Glory!!” when they make it out of a serious raid? They could raise their weapons and thank the gods for helping them out in such glorious battle! But in all seriousness, it would be fun to see characters having different kinds of victory actions, like Jesus clenching his fists and smiling, or Dwight grinning and dancing like a smuggy son of a gun, or Negan even making out with Lucille. Hell, you guys can go crazy with this.

I think I’ll be updating this one in case of any new ideas coming up in my head. What you guys think?


All seem like fun ideas, the amount of space needed on the phone would increase and quite possibly make it slower… Not to mention the bugs that they need to chase down first… I like the ideas i just don’t see it being able to be pulled off.

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If they do actually listen to us and allow player themes, I’m just gonna shove some heavy metal into the mix.


Everyone gets a customisable 3* in their inbox where you can pick a trait and persona and design it somewhat to look how you want, clothing, hair and all. You can use this toon to ascend all the way up to 6*, one star at a time. Each ascendance you can pick from a range of ever improving leadskills. I would love this idea to happen. @kalishane


And here I am, asking why this guy isn’t working with you, @kalishane

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You know what would be best? A Full Bleeding Team with an edgy theme (Take Infinite’s theme from Sonic Forces as an example.). That would be… Way over the edge, if ask me.

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Good idea.

Naw. I don’t like it. I like the way things are going in the game right now. Plus the rewards and events are up to par too, so no other changes are needed.

They aren’t changes, nor these ideas are needed. They are suggestions. Scopely is free to choose if they should implement or not.

These are just for fun, by the way. It’s not lke it would be a major game change if they added any of these ideas in the game.

These are really cool ideas!

I’m really curious how interested others would be in these things as these are also added features I myself would would be excited about – and aren’t super complicated.

Thank you for putting this together Lucas!!

I’m curious as well. What would you put as your theme if the Player Theme idea were to be added?


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Few suggestions myself

Stable reward structure
Cancel ygl scav all together and dramatically lower milestones
Have a raid tournament occasionaly


You… Do realize this is a thread only about misc stuff, right?

Event related suggestions and rants are the other way, my friend.

Fun stuff that can be added to the “game”. Clues kinda in the title. Or we talking about a differant game?

Hahaha – they would most likely have to be original music and not something well known. But! If that were possible – probably Blood by In This Moment. haha

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Got me there, buddy, but I still think we are misunderstanding each other’s understanding about the word “Fun” in this case.

I was talking about off topic stuff, not related to the rewards or anything. Just a few jokish suggestions.

Apologies for disturbing your thread. Im just venting my frustration. Il leav it alone now lol



Oh, and also…


On a better note. Because im not usualy a venter of frustration, some good ideas, hope they get implemented


I’m 100% down with creating my own character omg.

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