Fun-sized Survival Road has potential

So hear me out here; the 4 stage SR format could be turned into something interesting.
Personally I like it for the simple change of pace. SR has been the same for so long even such a relatively small change like that was great. So it got me thinking, what if it came back?

I present to you my pitch for; Nightmare Survival Road! It keeps the 5 stage format but changes the individual stage design themselves. Difficulty is ramped up to an insane degree (remember that roadmap with 60K stats Violet that almost no one beat at first? Think that for the final stages). No drug kits, no salvage tokens. Once a character is dead, they’re dead. Stage requirements for trait and persona get obscure and force you to use your roster creatively. Enemy abilities do the same by changing from stage to stage. One may be decap heavy so revives are useless. The next might carry maim damage making revive chains useful but only for so long. Then maybe a walker to human stage so hiding behind Larger World’s Michonne’s camo can work… until she gets squashed on the final wave due to her weaker stats and cannnot be used anymore.

Make it an exercise in team building and strategy. For way too long SR has been “Pop on every 2 hours, autofill, fast forward x8, repeat”. Time to put some strategy back in it!

My only large concern is that newer players will be alienated, so maybe adjust the difficulty to region age? Also shut out are the people that depoted everything that isn’t a meta-breaking top tier premier six star because “They’re useless in the current meta.” To those people I say to hell with them. Useless in the current PVP meta maybe, but this ain’t PVP. You got 200 roster slots. What’s the harm in using them?


I like it, wouldn’t say no to some change. One alternative that would still include SR reform, challenge and accessibility to younger players, would be to just increase the difficulty of SR (at least Platinum and Legendary) to bring it into the 6* age. Not quite the 60k lineups you mentioned, but enough to make you stop and play for 25 stages, maybe like the Road Rages just gone, if not slightly more difficult towards the back end of Legendary.

In addition, a weekly challenge roadmap which includes your 60k stat teams and some decent prizes (if it looks like a smelling salt and smells like a smelling salt, it’s not. Think 6* gear). That way you can enjoy the challenge without feeling rushed that you only have 15 minutes and 7 other energy that you’re still sitting on. Plus younger players don’t feel as if it’s a tourney they can’t have a part in. Call it 5-8 stages a week. Nothing excessive.

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I like it. The current SR tourney is just to see who can most efficiently use their energy (ie login every 2 hours), there’s no strategy to it. Just press auto-fill and go. It’s tedious and boring.


A Overpowered SR fun size event in the format of going in and getting destroyed just to not be able to revive your go to toons to get back into the fight?

You must be extremely bored with the game to make a bad idea like this.


They would have to offer insanely good rewards but yeah it would be refreshing

You won’t get destroyed if you build your team right


I get what he means though, it’s playing on the ‘survival’ element of it. One tourney you can have your 6*… idk Michonne carry you, next tourney she crashes out early and you have to work around it.

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How are you going to “build your team right” if the stage trait and persona requirements are obscure?


Out of your entire roster how many toons you have that are really reliable vs the awful ones that don’t help?

People post on the forums all the time how they struggle with roadmap difficulty to whale teams. And you want that kind of event to measure beyond those standards that are usually rare to most.

That’s a huge NOPE and flee.


Yeah, turn it into an endurance run.
Remember when you first started your account and for the first few months during every SR tourney you hit a wall somewhere (probably around gold or elite) and just not be able to progress? Have something like that again but for a majority of players. A seemingly unscalable mountain where the goal may not be to finish, but to see how far you can get.

I get wanting challenge but gezz sometimes you may get what you ask for in the worst way. That’s a promise when it comes to scopely and their definition of balance gameplay mechanics.

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I think they should make a hell mode to where you can only use 3 stars or 4 stars, but the toons are a pain in the butt to beat still

Lol, I didn’t agree with it upto 60k standards, keep the ‘nightmare’ aspect to roadmaps where there isn’t really a time concern for fighting such teams. Just enough difficulty to make legendary noticeable

That’s makes more sense. 60k+ is ridiculous

It’s a challenge and I did enjoy that mod roadmap all the way 8 (?) months back, but I don’t think SR is the right platform for it. He’s right on wanting ‘some’ difficulty hike though, even I’m starting to auto legendary now

It would be a great idea but I’m not sure they understand the difference between difficult and cheap.

Because who knows what will be ascendable in the future (Scopely certainly doesn’t…!) - did you see a top tier Eric coming? Top tier Donny? Both of those are resoundingly F2P legacy ascendables who were forgotten until they received the ascension treatment. Both are extremely solid on whale rosters and F2P rosters alike. Those who didn’t keep one of everything they had have lost their ability to moan about it.


But are we gonna get more xp like before. Stupid idea, original sr is better some ppl still struggle in the last few stages of legendary

So depot everything that isn’t ascendable right now and then shut up when they get ascended and you don’t have them any more. Actually maybe just forgo the first step and skip straight to the second one, as your comments are ridiculous.

@Kodak_black take it to Jim and let’s get some variant of this done.