Fun Rushes to Think About

I think Scopely should play with a few new rush ideas. I think it would renew some of the fun in the game. Please post your creative rush ideas and let’s get people thinking.

My ideas are:

Color Confusion: switches trait advantage for both teams similar to the Trait Arena.

Catastrophic Failure: Causes confusion to an opponent (or two). During the confusion, the opponent can discharge their rush on anyone on defense or offense. (This one could also be a specialist skill, but could be very OP).



cut it out 2


instant win rush
when rush, you win, collect 200 dollars

for whales, ap 0,
cost for the char 10k, 5k to level

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oh I’ve got one

Enemy steals your strongest toon’s weapon and rush and beats you with it :skull:


How about a pay to win rush where for 1 dollar you can beat any single team one time during raid tournament… hahahahaha would that be a great rush or what … or let’s say for 50 k you could be unbeatable for w consecutive wars … that would be worth it am I right whales

5 Finger Death Punch

Deal one attack of 100% to every remaining member of the defensive team that is still alive.

A rush that casts Confuse 100 times (to bypass any confuse resists) and reduces the HP to 1 on all of the attacking team and the defending team

Lets find out who the luckiest are!

…So what does everybody have going on this weekend?

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