Fun ideas for April Fool's Day?

What are some fun/prank-ish kind of things that could be done in-game for an April Fool’s Day prank? Stuff that would only last a day, and generally mess with people either in terms of game play or visuals.

I was thinking they could do a blitz war where the top prize is like 8th place instead of first. See top teams trying not to win for once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All 1* toons suddenly get OP stats for a day so everyone is scrambling to build new teams, and have a level playing field.

Every player gets access to all maxed 6* toons in the game for the day (assuming they could actually take them back at the, not sure they have that ability given past situations) to try them out.

The skins for all toons get randomized (though stats/abilities stay the same), so you have no idea who you’re really fighting.

Blitz war but everyone is randomly assigned to new factions (can’t change back until the end of the day), and spread out players by skill so factions are roughly even.

Stuff like this could be fun for a day, and could potentially be a way to try new ideas!


This is RTS… there will be no fun here… at least not without buying something.

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Damn it, you beat me to it.

you want this one back maybe?

It’s hard to do big stuff for an April Fools event between Time Zones, version compatibility, and not negatively impacting any actual player progress in other ongoing events. We had a neat one we were thinking about last year but technical issues preventing it cropped up at a too late to fix point.


Mind spoiling what the idea was?


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Why is he sad though?

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All I’ll say is NBA Jam


I think it would be fun if Scopely were to offer actual value for our money spent, held an event with awesome rewards, their support answered our questions with genuine knowledge and concern, and they added a couple of long overdue/requested features, and found a way to work out all their bugs for one day.

I think we should give Robert Kirkman what he asked for – a version of him in-game with the worst stats.



So kirkman’s nickname isnt Gator?


WORSE than gator.

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do a 24 hours blitz war where only 1* can be used no rebuilding

Or during raids one of your toons and one of the enemy toons turns into a rubber chickens

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Ha! “He’s on fire!”