** FUN! ** How long have you been playing? ** MEMES WELCOME! **


I’m curious about the demographics of these forums. I made a poll!

This poll doesn’t show who voted, so you won’t reveal yourself as a dirty noob by voting. I’ve been playing for 2 years this month.

  • Played less than 2 months
  • Played 3 to 6 months
  • Played 6 months to a year
  • Played longer than a year

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Poll: Representative or Vocal Minority
Are more people leaving the game or starting?

Been playing since February 22nd 2016 on Walker Region.


Week 1. I don’t even know anymore. “Too long” should have been an option.


Too long indeed, both by your standard and Scopely’s I’m betting. Part of the reason why I’m doing this poll is to confirm what I believe is true - most of the people on these forums are older players. Why do I want to confirm that? Well, Scopely’s recent (last 2-3 months) actions have clearly sent a message that the older player base is second-class. They just refuse to say it, for obvious reasons. Part of kalishane’s job is to keep us under control; not really to please us. Pleasing us takes real work and investment. The real money is hitting the reset button, grooming a new wave of spenders, and along the way, using it as a chance to get value out of items and events that, frankly, us older players just won’t buy anymore.

But wait! I’m not just being a snide negative Nancy, I want to help solve this problem as well! This thread will start us on the path to transparency, which will enable all players to make sound decisions based on real feedback.

Anyway thanks for participating like always! I appreciate another realist’s point of view on these threads.


2+ years going back to the start in 2015 and im about done


Same, bloop


Almost 2 years.


Since release. But I took a break for a while in the middle.


Too damn long. October 2015.


I saw some ad for it about seven months ago. My old phone fell and died with my old account not backed up so I had to restart from scratch. Still one of my favorite games.


Started early november 2015. So about 2 years now. What a time it has been.


Started the playing the 1st week this game was released, been playing forever since then.


started playing October 2015. saw an advert for no mans land while watching the premier of season 6. downloaded the wrong game and am still here.


2 long years


2 years



Dec 2015. Never thought i would be still playing this game for almost 2 years. My first 6 months was probably the best.


About 2 years give or take.



Lol I wish I could get my two years playing this game back. I wouldn’t be playing if my younger cousion wouldn’t have showed me, but we’re both TWD fans, so I guess it’s okay.


Have a daily login streak since Sept 2015


6 months…and just quitted. Lost cellphone and lost everything since there was no FB link… and without it no way to get it back, no use for the famous 9 digit code, so beware and link or buy something and save a screenshot…