Fun bag is no fun

did 5 fun bags with 50% chance on red feather or arena ticket. ended up getting all arena tickets… it cant be 50/50… anyone have similar experience?


I’ve opened 3 total this event and have gotten 2 quills and 1 arena ticket. It’s just really bad luck bud.


thanks ill keep on surviving.

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It’s the best offer available for the quills in my opinion. It was 279 coins I think for 1 bag.

There is another bag for 129 coins with a 10% chance which wasn’t great, and another option of 33% for 479 coins maybe which wasn’t great for me either.

Well 50/50 is slightly different here since each bag opened is it’s own entity. Like if I flipped a coin 100 times I could in theory get 100 heads. It’s not a big enough sample size to get the 50/50 split we see and know. I had the same issues as you though with trying to get feathers


They don’t have to post the actual factual odds so 50 50 in scoptopia means essentially a guarantee to get the less desirable item. It’s just bait so you spend coin, and hopefully spend $ to get those coins.

I was thinking about posting a similar experience. In the last several days I’ve bought 5 crates at a time, multiple times, for a total of 30 crates. Every one was a 50/50 odds crate. And the actual rate I’m seeing is 90/10. Only one out of ten would give the desired outcome.

Actually make it 40 crates. I got 10 of the World energy bags, and 9 times got the replenish for the 2nd part.

50/50 odds my ass… seems we got dumped into an even worse bucket all of a sudden.

Looooooooool those odds don’t mean shit bro, buckets got fixed odds. If you keep getting dodgy can from wombo bags instead of quills tickets collectibles then yknow you got that sieve bucket rip

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I’ve opened 4 and had 2 quills and 2 arena tickets so pretty accurate for me.

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no, it is fun, i always got quill but i really need tickets LOL

Not fun for you but surely fun for them. Oh and try to buy crazy bag. Its not that the reward is crazy, but it is the ppl who bought it that is crazy lol

I feel like there is a hidden message here…

Es mejor la bolsa de 449 monedas
34% para 600 monedas
33% pluma
33% Boleto

Abrí 4 y me dieron 2x600 monedas
1 pluma y 1 boleto

This is not the type of “fun bags” I was looking for, tbh

Odds are rigged! Opened 5 of those 449 coins bags, which state they have a 34% chance for 600 coins, and 33% each for arena tickets or quill. In 5 pulls I should have got 600 coins at least once, as you’d have a 1 in 3 guaranteed chance to get them… Ended up with 1 quill and arena tickets.

If it says fun baggiphy IMG_2702 best advice I can give🤗

That’s not how the odds work. 33% chance doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it in 3 pulls. It simply means every single time you open a box, you get a 33% chance of getting that item. You also have a 66% chance to not get that item, on every single box open. It’s not rigged, the odds just aren’t in your favor.

Its fun for Scopely, Not for you.

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It’s fun for them not for you .

Opened 5 got 5 feathers