Fully Maxed Roster - No Toons To Level


Within a week, my roster will be fully maxed, something that I have not experienced in this game. I currently have 4 6-stars sitting at level 80 waiting for gear to get them to T4. My 27th 5-star is almost fully maxed as well as my remaining 15 4-stars.

2 of those 5-stars is ascendable Tyreese and Abe. I already have a 6-star Tyreese and I really think Abe may be the worst 6-star right now. I also have Gator and red Governor who Scopely said will be ascendable by early 2018.

I also have 4 5-stars that will be ascension fodder

The crappy thing is that after war there are 2 level up tourneys. The milestones are so high, it’s not worth leveling my ascension fodder toons.

If I had the fodder I’d consider ascending my other Tyreese. I have enough medals for 3 ascensions right now. I just don’t have the fodder. But even with just one 6-star to level, I don’t think I’d get far. I used YGL camp twice plus 300 2-stars to hit the 500k milestone. Top 100 finishes the last 5 tourneys but haven’t come close to the 1 million mark.

Anyone in or ever been in this situation?


You know they will have Vests for the Dwight collection as milestones in the next round of level ups, it’s a lovely situation.


Flak Jacket problems for me. Cannot tier anybody up.


Time to get that wallet dedicated then and start buying some gear and toons!!!

Good Luck!!!


Am I the only one who can see that this is a ploy to push people into ascending, same as bringing Priya and Konrad back into the premiere wheel. Everyone wants Dwight and that’s why they are putting barbed wire and vests in level up milestones. If you don’t ascend and waste some 5’s you are not going to get him and that’s there plan or to push you into spending, win win for them.


Yes Scopely wants us all to spend. And I do a little. Until we are guaranteed ans ascendable toon, I am not doing any big coin buys. I think Dwight will be available to all those who participate in all the events. I have more than enough barbed wire pieces. He does look like a good toon, but Not worth spending on. The roadmap can be completed in 3 days but the collection lasts for 13 days so I’d hope there’s more chances in that time.


well the museum will give us the 5* version so we’ll have to use him as a useless toon till we can get the gear and medals to ascend him.

Unless those of you who still have gear and the medals to still be able to ascend someone, then good for you M8!!!