Full region with 30 factions in war


Our region has been full since the dawn of this game. It is still full. In war we had 32 factions total fight in the war. That means even if a faction signed up for a single war and did nothing they would get ranked rewards of 40 or better.

While it’s awesome we where able to place rank 20 (faction best) one has to ask why is no one fighting anymore? Maybe scopee should spend some time looking into this.


Short answer… rewards dont equal effort needed like it use to. Plus if you not a top 5 faction (some exceptions im sure) people are less die hard gamers who want to spend hours of their weekend glued to an app just to get same reward bracket rewards they get by doing a few random wars throughout the event


its refreshing to see someone being pleased about placing top 20. to be honest - if that’s faction’s best I’d be out of there the minute the war ends and look for a more active one.


Incentive drops off a cliff. Once your grouped with no difference in reward its not worth the grind. It’s only worth it if you can break into the next tier.

Coast conserve cans. And try to conserve for the next war.


How can it be full ? We had 100+ active factions this war and the region keeps growing.


Which region?


Why are you asking Raz ?? It’s the most crowded region. Hint :wink:


Dougharty region. Placing top 20 in any other event you need to be trying to place. For example to make top 200 in single level up one need to be around 500,000 rep mark. And top three spots general is 3 million.

I believe the top faction has 64 wins and 1 loss when I last looked in that war.

Regardless of ranking fact is less then 33 factions is a full region even attempted war.

I have to admit this was the best match up since they updated the system months ago. All other war my faction would face teams that greatly exceeded their ability. Imagine having a not even full 5* team that is not maxed against a 6* team. The only chance at points was to take towers first.


Paulding had 29 factions… only top 10 were reallly active… account moving needs to happen or region merges with all facs deleted… start over reuniting facs in gc with all ur shyt