Full four star ascension list

I know there should be a thread somewhere on here but i can’t find it (at least not a recent one). Can anyone please direct me to a full list of five star characters available from four star ascension?

Thank you in advance!

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There you go

Blue and Red are the ones to go for, if you don’t get Donny or Eric, you still have a (tiny) chance of getting Aiko, Lori or Mirabelle. Not that they are great, but they can help some players out.

I think I have them all already. I just wanted to post it in my faction’s line chat notes.

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

No problem anytime

Here’s the link if you need for other stuff too

Can also use !wheel if you have Carol in your line chat to pull the link up if you need to see some of the other lists

is great. Has a good overall kit, good support toon who’s still relevant in Range teams for f2p.
Hard to believe she was given as a login event reward.

Fair play. I would have gone with good but can stretch to great.

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