Fu.....k stupid raid bots

This is the worse thing in this game, raid against bots that they are over protected.

The bots get their teams from real players… just look for other opponents, it’s not that hard.


You know what’s worse than raid bots? Having absolutely no one to raid during a tourney because everyone is shielded.


So my threads get deleted for nothing and this stays up?

Because the chat moderator takes much stuff as pesonal offense.


Still don’t understand the point of ghosting. Just leaves retired players up on the leaderboard.

So… Sheild last 2 hrs. You can attack every 40 minutes without refills.

If math serves that means you can attack 3x for every 1 shield removed.

Without bots (copies of other players teams you’d otherwise be matched with if they were unshielded) you would very likely not be able to find an opponent or the opponents would all be from the abundance of inactive accounts from years past.

Wow that would just be so much fun… /s

So rather than just cursing about it. Apply some thought to why they might be necessary to ensure the game can actually function.


I love bots, guess who isnt gonna raid me back and take food, wood and rep? Thats right, a bot


You are making us seem trivial

I take it that’s meant for the OP?

Haha yeah. Thought I hit the other reply. Oh well. I do that from time to time. Don’t know how to change it either.

That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if I was misunderstood

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