🧟 🔪 FTWD Morgan & Crossover Characters


Season 4 FTWD Morgan & crossover characters for RTS nudge nudge Skybound, Scopely, and IUGO :wink: :sunglasses:

:alert: :soldier: Morgan
:tough: :leader: Travis
:fast: :citizen: Chris
:fast: :rebel: Nick
:alert: :citizen: Alicia
:strong: :peace: Madison
:tough: :leader: Jake
:strong: :soldier: Troy
:strong: :leader: Victor
:alert: :citizen: Luciana


Yeah. Let’s not make this a multiverse lol.


But we have Telltale… Clem… Javier… and Yvette Nicole Brown…


AMC owns all the rights to these characters, and they will refuse to give them up. Hence why there’s no Daryl or Sasha characters in game. They are notorious for being greedy behind the scenes.


This game is more so based on the comics. Nothing to do with the tv show


The graphic novels, telltale games, and written novels all take place in the comic universe, which is why scopely lets them all be in the game. The amc series, fear the walking dead, and some of the other video games take place in the amc universe, which are not in this game. These two universes are unable to cross over realistically because a character from one simply does not exist in the same form as it does in the other.


I don’t know what the actual reason may be. Legality, continuity, or cost. But I think having show characters enter the game would be goofy. It’s out of place enough random youtubers made it into the game. There’s Yvette too… we don’t get much context for these guys though so who knows what their story is within the game.

I know…we can revive people and randomly deflect bullets. But I’ve always looked at that as ludonarrative dissonance.


they don’t have rights to do it qq and why did you make morgan red he has a stick on the show :frowning:


I figured they’re just Jedi. Revival and deflection are force powers. And the nightsisters totally have zombies.

Also HA. Ludonarrative Dissononsense xD



Because we already have 4 :strong: Morgans… You sure you really want another?..


Who else fought for the :alert: 4 star Morgan?
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Not to shut down the idea but scopely would have to have the rights to the actor/actresses likeness to implement these characters…
Also the whole different universe thing.
Reason for the telltale characters is that canonically the telltale series takes place in the comics universe.


I want a Nick toon his rush would be ar steal just like a junkie, once rush pops up he can click on any enemy and use their ar but he loses 50 def for 2 turns or something along those lines lol


Don’t forget John Dorie. He might become important to the plot.


Gimme John Dorie!!!


We can’t cause sniff they are AMC characters. sniff


…but Strand? :cry: