Ftp defense vs. P2p offense

With how toons have been released, ftp has now gotten 3 revives(Sandy, Solange and now Eric). What does Scoeply have in store for P2p? Thoughts? Opinions? Discussion?

Me personally I think the next promo should be toon with Cutthroat 2.

Cutthroat 2- any enemy with a debilitating status will take 60% more damage.

Weapon- 30 atk, med ap on atk, Chance to deal 500 maim damage

Ar- 58ap Something that has Maim, burn and bleed

As- All teamates get focus and elusive for 2 turns

This would be great toon pair with Naya, Yellow Shiva, Green Rick, Davie

You are p2p? For your information, you can also use those characters (Sandy, Solange and now Eric).
Revive its BS
f2p need human shield (not F** Andrea ) , disarming, decapitate ( in 4 toon)
Without decapitate and disarming u can’t do s**

Stop crying!


While I do tell people that they should drop a couple dollars in this game every once in a while, I do think the F2P deserve a nice toon (like Eric, amazing toon) every now and then to at least keep it competitive.


More good Legacy like Man bun Jesus people used to go nuts for this guy he needs a great upgrade.


Oh no, I’m a selective ftp, whatever I see valuable, i will go for

We all know, nobody gets buffed ever!!

Solange is very nice on defense. I’m not saying ftp doesnt deserve nice toons, I’m just saying people who invest their money on this game should get things that hold value ie disarm toons.

That active skill tho

Gotta keep up with the gen 2 legendaries bruh

“Investing” means, at some point, you will get back what you put in. And, then some. Nobody invested in this game. They payed scopely exorbitant rental fees.

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What you guy don’t understand about decaps is that they were OP by design the second they were implemented, the same way revives were OP before they had a counter. I’m not going to argue the strategy/annoyance of revive chain defenses but I will say that ONE decap ability used properly can annihilate an entire team.

Should F2P have more decap options? Probably.

Can they be successful against other F2P players? Definitely.

Should they expect to be able to annihilate top tier premium defenses? No.

PS - If you’re picking up Sandy for the revive, you’re getting her for the wrong reason.

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haha ha ha ha no just no go spend $$$$ on granade

P2p have everythyng they need.p2p dont need anything else.

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Survivors club is not enough?

The only way people defend now a days is rng luck p2p or f2p and sure f2p don’t have the quality of toons or mods on their side but there are many quality f2p toons out there to build with the biggest thing is strategy tbh

Also not 1 defense out there blocks everyone

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