FSU Recruiting!


Hey all. Sadly, had 3 OGs decide to step down. It’s a blow. But, now others get a chance to come and play with us.

Currently we are ranked #15 in the list of factions in leagues. Top 3 in CRW. Looking to move higher…we need like minded souls.

If you war hard and enjoy team building. Come and hang. We’re looking for one Asia/Australia time zone player and 2 USA folks. Can be some flexibility depending on what times you war.

You can PM me here or get in touch on Line - peteut is my Line Id.


No one seems to like europeans anymore :frowning:


Not that, he needs people on at all times. Having too many people from one time zone isn’t ideal, as most of them have similar sleep/work schedules. If he recruits people from varying time zones, you could have at least one person on at all times. That way they can notify the rest if anything comes up.


FSU are good people and a great faction, would be a great place to play


Oh ok. Tbh it would have been better if op said which time of the day he needs people to be active.


Good luck FSU! Hope y’all fill up for CRW this weekend :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Thanks for the kind words folks. They are much appreciated. We have a lot of interest - should be fine for CRW. Let’s do this thang.


Be careful of the co-lead…She will hunt you down & cut your balls off if you don’t put up 1 mil in war…


TBF if you don’t score 1,000,000+ in war you didn’t have the balls to start with :+1: