FSU recruiting 1-2 players


Hey guys,

Following war, we’re looking at recruiting 1-2 new players. Both players we lost were quite strong and very active so ideally we’d like to replace them with players of similar skill and activity.

Heres our last CRW results:

PM me for more details or happy to chat more on line


Top 16 Factions of RTS Update 11/5/2018

I didn’t know Florida State University had a team on this game


I like to see strictly business get slapped around wtg legacy


Fswho??.. Sorry I’m a canes fan had to say it lol


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From troup?


I play in troup yes


This is a NCAA violation


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FSU is not good this year. Go try the U or the gators bro.


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Galaxy42 >>>>>>> :cry: :leg: <<<<<<<< FSU


This is a great faction though, lots of help with team building to help make you competitive.


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