From one extreme to the other

Can anyone explain why this game went from constant level ups to none all week until tomorrow? I’m sure the designers etc go to slot of trouble but are raids going to be the new “level up” fiasco. Something needs to be addressed by the team. It’s just really badly managed event wise and milestone. If your main aim is money and not the players, well done, you’re the reason this game has gone downhill. I loved this game, played everyday for over 2 years but am getting really bored of all the b.s. Anyone feel the Same?


It’s a nice change of pace, I think. After all, we were all demanding a break from level ups.


Level up’s suck so stop asking for them. If you want to level toons go right ahead. No one is stopping you.

Scopely the break was necessary and welcome. Thank you.

My idea still makes the most sense. Run a week-long faction level up with improved rewards. Do this so you can sell your trainers and people can level 24/7 earning points for the team as well as working towards individual milestones. Then just run other events on top of it.


@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely Please bring this idea to the team.


I pitched the idea for a weekly level up thing too. If the result is more raids, survival roads, war, etc. maybe including energy refills for meeting goals instead of extra points. It might help alleviate the need to change milestones as dramatically and encourage more participation/competition


Level toons I’ll never use? 6* characters thought that was the aim. I’m asking for balance not snotty comments

So get to leveling already or can you only do it when there is some kind of reward involved?

By the way what game have you been playing? We had like 17 days of level ups this month. We have another one over the weekend, lol.


Only when it’s a faction reward as I like to help everyone in my being a co leader. I’m not selfish. The rewards will probably be abysmal anyway. Knowing this game it will probably be another raid. A level up usually follows war I don’t care if there were 17 before. That wasn’t my fault. It was poor planning

Dude just be happy they actually listened to our feedback for once. Obviously this happened because of all of the well voiced criticisms of the level up spam from this thread


Yeah, but the point is that Raid Tourneys make much more fun than Level ups.

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All I can ever level are toons I won’t be keeping. My few 6s are stuck at T3. If I don’t level rubbish 5s I won’t get any points or rewards.

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Don’t they always?

I like to think so :grin: but not everyone is always a winner. This one is for sure though.

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Someone mentioned the lvl up icon being permanent and renown used as currency in what would be I guess a renown depot. I like that idea and yours too



Thank you. How awesome is Evil dead btw? :+1:

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i like it, not sure how good it would be without pablo tho

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