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So from now on it would be nice to see thes wheels with nothing less than Ascendables on them. Especially when it is gonna be a pure grind fest with crappy RNG drop rates.

Another suggestion is to start DOING SHARDS. Hell I play 2 other mobile games that have this feature. Have a promo, a month or so down the line light spenders / F2P can grind for the toon. Ffs this game has gotten way stale. EVERY whale team is practically the same. I spend, but with shitty odds, a few thousand coins gets you nothing at all. I managed to save them spend a little for 40 odd pulls for Michonne, got 1 useless 5*. It’s no longer fun for this fact.

Edit : Not asking for handouts or that. But many people like me will hit the brick wall and think what is the point, when even activity stops paying off. I freaking love this game but find myself spending less time on it. And at this rate, I’ll start with more times on one of the other games I play, and eventually stop playing this. Please throw your players a bone.


This guy ^^^^^ listen to him.


Chaz is always awesome. I agree bro.


Agreed! Well stated


Very well said Chaz. You hit the nail on the head.

I just don’t care anymore. The constant op p2w toons and events has just made the game zero fun these days. What a shame.


Thanks bro. Yep sadly getting to that point, and there is many things they could / should implement to start bridging the gap between themselves and the players. Obviously they need to make money, but after that they should start making old promos available, hell ive tried at least a 10 pull in every Erika promo, tried a good few times for Michonne, wasn’t lucky with Lucky not anniversary tokens.
At least giving us the chance / option to grind for them, and some other old promos would go along way.




Yes, 93% of the people who put the work in are going to be very disappointed


No. I hate shards thing from SWGOH.


Ahh I like them, especially if you missed said toon in promo. Tho some of them take forever to farm lol


I got four 5* Anna’s from the Anniversary token.

Four. ANNAs.

Didn’t log in for a couple days after the last one.


Wow, thought mine were bad lol


I love the shards thing in SWGOH but this is a different game and I don’t like the idea of farming for shards with the structure of this game. They copy enough from SWGOH already :wink:


I’m thinking more along the lines of Disney Heroes, kinda the same concept though I guess. But it would give F2P and casual spenders a better chance, tbh that’s what Scopely should be doing. Instead of just being greedy. Tedious it can be, but also worth it when you finally get a toon maxed :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly Scopely’s idea for shards was the tara thing and the RNG is so horrible. I do not have enough of either earring yet to unlock her… I agree scopely has to do something. I dont think they should try to throw us utter shit like the shovel event. I liked the dwight even and truly enjoyed the choose your side event. They need a way for those of us who have given up on paying hundreds of dollars for dropper zeke and a bunch of 4*. That and I see a max value of a character at about 3 bucks.


Lol I need one more gold earring for my second 5* Tara. Haven’t had a platinum one drop yet. 2 flare guns from the 19 needed lol.


So what you are saying is she will be completely outmatched by the time you get her maxed out next december. (guessing it will take about that long to get the flares)


That is correct.


I’m a fan.


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