From grinding and spending to casual

I will not give the greedy scrooges another dime.
And if you are in the same bucket as me then may I suggest you do the same.
Just go casual dont worry about the constant level ups with sub par rewards.
And casually wait for wars and onslaught.
Anything else is a total waste of time and money.
Once the lower level spenders close their wallets then perhaps scopes may wake up.
But as long as our wallets are open they will continue to treat us as lower level spenders.


Just say you don’t spend now. You’ll still have to grind as a casual or else you’ll completely fall off to the point of not being able to play, even casually.

Plus, you’re still contributing to their pockets by using Tapjoy. So hopefully you intend on dropping that too.

Any logical and sane person should have been doing this to begin with.


Already stopped spending ages ago,
Don’t see anything of any value worth buying.
And grinding is becoming ridiculous, the lack of food which ridiculous. Lack of gear, same tedious repeating of events. Wars being cancelled or changed to a schedule nobody understands, no ftp events which are the main stay of any decent game.
It’s turning into more of a frustrating experience, I spend more time reading forums then on the game , it’s more fun, which says a lot about the state the game is in right now.


You should do what I do. Sit back, relax, just do the daily 30 videos + stay in platinum league. Horde up enough coins for 100 pull and enjoy.

Did a 100 pull for Mercer because I like his AR(his lead is meh IMO) and got 2 of them and about 4K cards short for his S-class now.


Results not typical. The issue is a lack of care for the game and waiting and saving up generally means you won’t care about the game which also means you shouldn’t or wouldn’t be playing the game.

Saving and waiting is pretty standard for any RPG games. If you’re playing the long game, using your resources wisely is always more ideal than getting a short term advantage.

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