From: «Dooly RU region players»


As you are perfectly familiar with the biggest problem of our region - Cheating. We sent you a dozen letters and tried to provide you with all needed information on these incidents. During this period, not a single cheater was banned, after our requests. We are well aware, that it’s not so easy to find the way that most malicious cheaters use to get free gold. But we know that at the moment, the main resource that cheaters get is gold.
Having received all the information and having conducted no discussions with a lot of players of our server, we came to one opinion. The main problem is tapjoy. Through this application, cheaters get free gold, remaining unnoticed. In addition to using unfairly earned gold to open a promo, you have added all the “hiding places” in the game, in which the dishonest player can immediately get a legendary character, or the necessary rare equipment. Also, from their impunity, most people who use this method, into the brazen take away any event by themselves. Because there is everything for them: free coaches, food, equipment. Honest players can not keep up with them, not maintain a pace game where all points with really good prizes are taken by people who did not in fact deserve it, moreover, there is a constant insult of honest players and their recruitment into their ranks.

Therefore, by conducting polls among honest players of our server in order to solve this unsolvable problem, we are ready to offer you the following decision:

  1. Change the way of purchasing promo characters and weapons for another method of acquisition:
    That is, make these purchases for real money. This method will allow you to track cheating much more efficiently.
  2. If you are worried that everyone should have a chance for a promo character (Donate / Not), you can add more characters necessary for comfortable playing to this roulette.
    And controls the flow of 5 * counters on the recruits. The chance will be for those who do not donate, too. You need to minimize the turnover of gold coins in the game. All important purchases should not be for gold. Its should be for real money. If this problem will be solved in the future, we would like that you would return everything back, because the present playing of this game is impossible.


U hit the mark, dude. This is really a top problem at our region. Am thinking that this is the only correct solution to this problem or its necessary to completely lock Tapjoy, for solving a cheating


i am also think so, but we all the same thought, and decided to offer at least some sort of alternative


These measures are cardinal. Otherwise, the game lost all meaning


Lets see… Maybe Scopely team will considere above options


we also have a dealers in the region who sell buged gold, on an average of $10 = 10,000 gold
and they do it all in an hour by Tapjoy free cousins!

find above screens fm VK group


am also thinking that it became very difficult to play when there is such a matters (((


Not shocked, but little is done to fight it. Kinda wondering if it’s the same company…


We fought your region in war. The main faction were full of cheaters. It was obvious with prestige vs weapons and toons. Being obvious though means scopely will most likely continue not to see it. I wish you luck. Truly. Don’t give up.


that report a cheater email is useless and honestly a waste of time. the best and quickest way to get a cheater banned is to report them here on the forums


Thx. Dear. U saw our big problem too ((((


We provide too much emails (screenshorts, prestige, roster and etc) many players of our region… to scopely support. Made petition fm 100+ players. There was one reply… Keep surviving!!!


Just don’t give up playing and wait for Scopely to do something, hopefully they see this and help you guys out.


good day!
I also play in his region and i am very tired from cheaters, i can understand scopely that easier not to see problems with cheaters but what about players who spend their own money to this game? Why scopely don’t want to see massage from such players, although i think that players who spend their own money, pay salary to scopaly and sopaly team must react. Me personaly not spend a dollar to this game but even i think that cheatering are killing this game and desire to play, i remember time when i start play this game, it was very interesting to count how many moves you need to kill all zombie or peaple and what i see now? Scopely need only money and they don’t want to react on cheating although cheaters take money from scopely’s pockets.
In above i hope scopely team will read our massages and wait for their react.


Who doesn’t like massages tho. For the record I’m only massaging a Scopely employee if my wife is present and said employee must be female that’s non negotiable lmao.


we just don’t know what to do, to get a feedback and results fm Scop team (((


Strangely… very… Am dont see any moderator’s reply… to this important theme. Could u pls make a feedback and such support to us?


Due of your “silence” and indifference, the peak of cheating in our Dooly region has already been passed, more than ever!!! I play fm the beginning of this game and the degree of tension in people was not so high, EVEN!
Do u know, that people are in despiration? Please, help us!!!


Expected reaction((((( That is, no reaction and support. Look !!! A person offers you a real solution of this great problem!!! Pls take advantage of help!!
@kalishane; @Shawn.Scopely; @Agrajag


Я думаю они знают об этом и следят. Как правило они не обсуждают на форуме подобное. так что остается расслабиться и ждать