From 25million to 250000

There is little to no way for new players to join this game and enjoy it. They are at a horrible disadvantage. Replacing the first bit joining with s class toons and the first rewards with things to help them keep up (armoury tokens, crafting items, s class toons) and making huge amounts of exp available early to get them to a higher player level so they can have energy, items, trainers, etc would allow newbies to join


I completely disagree. This game has never been easier for a new player to join. I come across level 40 players with 3 S Class FTP toons on the regular. There are countless ways to pick up great 6s as well. Even viable 5s are handed out like brochures. If you think it’s tough now, you should’ve been here 5 years ago.


FOr veterans and f2p are hard to continje in this game,everything is RNG and bad rewards.

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So I recently - a few weeks back I talked one of my work colleagues into signing up, and I have been following his experience, and he is having a great time. The real struggle is the hoops to jump through and all the things that are going on, he also suffers from a lack of world energy, which means he cannot participate in the road maps etc.

However as far a collecting S Class goes - he got Glenn who is’nt that bad for a new account, a neutralizer is a great first control toon, he also got Storm in a lucky pull, he is working on Priya, and is now in a faction, so after the next war he should get Erin and Kapoor - not great by our standards, but for him in his new region where the highest level players are lvl 60-70, he is i ultra competitive.

Once his region get opened, then it will be a new story, but what I am seeing is that this is a great time to get into the game.

I agree, also since transfers happened new regions Are not that overloaded by spenders who come to rule there… I started like a month ago in new region and with giving out free Sclasses and toons like Diego from event shop its really good for f2p players to compete

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