Friendly faction recruiting

Hi All, we are on the hunt for few players who still have fun playing game but can’t stand to be constantly pestered to push in every event there is. this weekend we will certainly take 2nd in raid, flut and sr on the other hand I left it to the players to decide what they wanna do cause of pure manure rewards. thx scopley btw.

region wars we come 2nd, crws place in top 20 so any world beaters out there won’t feel here at home but regular 100k guys should find it ideal spot to continue playing w/o pressure being applied 24/7.

we have couple of spots open but quite frankly I could and will consider groups as well, some people here are ready to hang their boots and are only sticking around to help fill etc. but there won’t be any hard feelings if I shift a few.

so if you’re lone wolf still hungry for bit of action or stuck in half-dead faction and struggling to recruit, ping me on line and we can make things happen.

Region: Taylor
line id: zuzol2014

Thx, looking forward to hearing from you.