Friendly duels questions

Will these be live 1vs. 1 duels or player vs. A.I.?

A.I. i’m sure, huge all the same, been asking for this forevvvvver!


They arent im just testing in beta right now ,its the same as normal raids except you can get people to test defences for you

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I’m wondering if it will use raid cans as well, or free testing.

How does it work

So does it take food and materials from your mates as well then?

free testing, no raid cans. i can show screenshot in a sec im writing a post on geeat markers as i can see a major problems with it

no 7 character

Beat me to it beast.
Summary is no energy cost ,nothing won or lost
You have a tab and you can challenge anyone you want or get people to challenge your defence.
You can also run 2 defences so your faction can fight your defence team while the region fights your drop defence


Which defense leader do you get when choosing a faction supporter for farming?

seems to still be main defence lead

That’s disappointing. Seems like the perfect opportunity to allow teammates to use your looter while having your main defense up to defend raids


Edit. Nope, you cant have a separate farm (drop) lead up and also have a main raid defense up.

Why Not? They definitely dropped the ball on this feature, could have made it that much better :cry:

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

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This needs to be changed so you can either set your faction helper separately (preferable) or at least make it the friendly defence so you can keep a strong raid defence up at all times and a drop leader up for friendly defence when not actively challenging other faction members.

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The def lead on the friendly def is the faction helper. It’s so obvious. Well done.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl

No, it’s not obvious. I like it this way because I want my faction mates to practice on my real defense, while I put up my drop lead for global defense. Why would I want global people to practice on me?

The real answer is that there should be 3 choices, friendly hire lead, faction raid defense, global defense.

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They cant. Only your faction mates can attack your friendly team. Thus having your friendly lead be the drop lead for the faction makes total sense. When you want to have your team tested at max strength set it up that way. When you want to help the faction farm put up your drop lead. Simple.

The region can practice on you all day long right now. Its called being raided.

Having a 3rd option is something that would have to be added to the game. Right now there is only one option for defense so people are asked to sacrifice def in order to help the team. This update adds a 2nd option. It should be simple to change the toon the faction gets to use over to the friendly team. Down the road they can add the drop lead only option. Let’s work with what we have for now.

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That’s not the point he was trying to make, I’m guessing, like myself and many others katalo does notl give a crap about rep as its pointless.
So making friendly team the dropper makes no difference to him as he never has his main war team up as all it does is allow people to practise and learn how to beat him for when defence matters