Friendly duel result in fac chat


I know this is pretty insignificant, but since the last update, I can’t see the results of any friendly duels I participate in. They appear in my inbox, but no result shows in fac chat. Anyone else experiencing this ???


The rate seems toned down, but some occasionally appear still


It’s always seemed to me the log only shows up in faction chat when I duel someone directly in chat like when they send out the message to duel them. When I go to raid then friendly dual that log never shows up in faction chat


Ahhh, that might be it. Shall try it out. Thanks mate.



Um, all i said was bi focals…


Normally in faction chat it only post the 1st duel within x amount of time. I imagine thats to keep chat from being cluttered with non stop duels. I noticed 1st duel shows and maybe trying 30 min later it shows. It aill always show in activity log and raid inbox.


I prefer them to not show in the faction chat, that just clutters it all up

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