Friendly duel in faction chat?

Can you get rid of the friendly duel spam in faction chat, please? Faction chat should be just for us to Talk to each other.


I agree. These notifications are a nuisance in chat.

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Super uber duper annoying and pointless. Get rid of it as soon as possible

When everyone is actively testing teams it’s difficult to see what anyone is saying

If it has to remain, can a toggle be implemented to turn it off, or appear in a separate tab? This could get annoying if anyone not in the war queue happens to duel while killing time.


Please take it out

Off with its head.

Yes, needs to be removed from the fac chat. Could pose a problem during war for sure.

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It‘s annoying enough as it is already, but come war it‘ll be a real pita.

word.all those spam in inbox n faction.need to be stopped

Please remove it from faction chat

please remove this! specially annoying when talking tactics @kalishane bring it to tha team! :smiley: