Friendly duals update

Add something to friendly duals to everyone to participate in. Lets say you have another button where you have an anonymous friendly dual. You dont know who you will be up against. Each individuals can do this 5 times a day. At the end of the day, there will be a small award system in the form of a leaderboard where the people get a minor but useful prize. The ranking is best on a combination of succesful attacks and succesful defends. A little competition within the faction makes people want to up their game on a daily basis and not just every 2 weeks with war. Win/win situation i would say

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We need to be able to test/raid our OWN defense


It could be another added options, yes, but if you’re in a good faction, its better to let eneryone raid you and drop a feedback. The problem is that we often already build a team that would counter our own teams. Its harder to think about other people’s teams.

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