Friendly Dual logs started spamming results to faction chat


As of 11:09 am pacific this wasn’t happening, but the last handful of friendly duals have posted results right to faction chat (first was at 2:09pm pacific, there were no friendly duals in the interim in my faction)

Not sure what’s changed or if other people were getting this before, but it’s already pretty annoying imo.

This may not be a bug and working as intended, but i would suggest that the log in faction activity is plenty sufficient.


Yup, FC is a clusterfuck.


Send a screenshot please


Yep. It’s funny how these things happen. Did I say funny? I meant embarrassing… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



^^^^^^^^^^^ @CombatDevIl @CombatMan


That is the design. There was a flag that needed to be set to enable it, and I’m assuming that it’s now enabled on the Live game.


can you please remove the flag…its not necessary :frowning:


Why would we want in game chat flooded. There are other places to stick that crap like the faction activity page.


We really don’t need 2 separate duel logs. It’s already available in faction activity, which is where it should be IMO. There’s no place for it within actual faction chat.


Yes faction chat is getting spammed like crazy right now


This is so stupid. Who gives a damn. We talk about it in Kik. Not fc. Awful idea.


This will be so distracting in war i too would like to see it turned off


Yea. Please give us a way to turn it off or just get rid of it works too


Definitely needs to only be in the activity log… It’s becoming an inconvenience flooding the faction chat. Highly annoying.


Maybe create a dual log like territory log? I really do think the faction activity log is sufficient though.


please remove it immediately. Faction chat is unbearable to look at now.


Yeah, all these duel notifications are an eyesore. And the notification number on the faction icon is through the roof. I’d like to be able to disable it.


Remove the flag, faction chat is for just that… faction chat… this is about as annoying as it gets.


Side note: if your faction mate sends out a challenge request and you dual them through there it will not add the results to faction chat, but if you dual them through the raid/dual tab, it will send out the message.