Friend team advice


My new factionmate needs a team after all of his anniversary pulls (spencer connor) can anyone give him a suggestion for attack.


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Ascend Javier, Connor, and Spencer

Javier lead, Priya with a medium or better boost on her sword, Spencer, Connor, Vincent with an attack weapon.

It’s a bit of a longshot, and would benefit from the addition of a command, but that team has the potential to let Priya rush relatively quickly (round 3 taking no damage), and has 3 defense reducing rushes. If Vincent gets the 100% attack buff from Javier, he could kill multiples with his rush.

He could also go pure yellow and use Connor as lead, losing Spencer for the 4 star commander Joey you get from the side missions, which would let Priya rush round 2 with the command

Don’t forget to use the active skill of Javier when a game over rush is charged. Always be in the habit of checking the rush totals of each enemy toon if you’re not sure.


Vince Priya gov Connor Spencer it’s a weird team that most likely won’t do anything but gotta work with what ya got


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Lol it’s for a faction mate on line

I’m the new smooky I’ll see what’s poppin in the community but fuck the game


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