Frenzy drop rates

If 30 / 60 / 90 dropped with more regularity then they could justify calling it “Frenzy” otherwise its just another wasted opportunity

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I agree. I was pumped when I saw the post about a trainer event coming, even more so that it had the word “frenzy” in it but this event has turned out to be disappointing, unfortunately. I expected something similar to the event where we were able to get the 50 Benedicts, not grinding to get just one trainer. I decided not to participate due to the high energy cost (both personal time and world energy) and few rewards.

On the plus side, there are plenty of other roadmaps worth doing.


I managed to get all Trainers :man_shrugging:t4:

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yea if you dont have shit load of cans saved up by now eh dont do this event

Well, showing a 300 flower screenshot equals to sharing a screenshot of a 10-pull containing an S-class promo toon.
We know it happens… it just doesn’t happen to us…


Good for you but I was getting between 4 and 9 flowers each time. I did it enough times to get one basil but no way am I wasting a ton of cans in the vain hope of getting a bigger drop.

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Yeah even if big drops exist it doesn’t add up. Luck always averages out eventually

I love how they create all these roadmaps that takes so much energy to run and then barely give any experience, food, materials, or survivors. Used to piss me off

Not anymore :joy:


It’s the highest drop i got. I post that to show there are not only small numbers. Not only one digits^^ I farmed all Trainers. Yes the Burts too :sweat_smile: At the Roadmap for Bradys exchange i would say was the highest average from all 3…

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