Freeze x Crash out= Faccion Assault?


Scopleys when the “Freeze” “Crash Out” that the assault faction gives us, will be repaired?

many, not to say almost all, have had problems to play, in all the phases of level 1, relate that is when they launch a PA, for example the path of the Resurrection of Jesus, but these “Crash Out” and “Freeze” disgust and cause a total rejection of the game .

As part of the hundreds of players, we would like a clear response and not as support.

Thx for you time



Already posted in another thread, but this is related to a language problem when an effect is resisted. While the solution in the mean time isn’t ideal, you can switch to either English or French on your device and not run into the issue until a version update with the fix is released.

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Thank you very much, <3



@kalishane It’s possible to put this in the annoncement category? (ideal would be in a ingame message btw)
That explain a lot why we were being suffering constant game crashes while trying to play the this game mode. (Currently second time our faction opened it). And that bug made a completly dissapointing experience this new feature =( (people just lost their 5 daily attemps without a chance of made any points, because when it’s crashes, you lost your pjs, but no score any point)

Many thanks!

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