Free vs premium

The pictures speak for themselves


Yes but Jason works well with mr liu.
You could run a decent set up with Lilly, Jason and mr liu.

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Both of them are :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:


You also need a daze (Priya or Roadie) so you can negate Mercer’s / Aarav’s ability to remove that bleed…

Makes Scopely zero money.
Makes Scopely many thousands of dollars.


Make players quit
Make more players quit


I think Liu is going to be ridiculously good

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tbh i’d prefer more ppl quit
easier reward for me

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If it makes players quit who don’t spend money then Scopely don’t care.


:arrow_up: :100: Truth


Why would a company who’s sole purpose is making money give something that makes them money out for free?

Also bit weird comparison latest promo vs average league toon… Lilly free decent… Angel free decent… folk get plenty decent free toons. An opportunities now to actually grind for better toons also free.


In all games the f2p are 60 or 80% players bas whitout f2p every game die because f2p make the game live and scopely make only bad things to make f2p and mind spenders quit.

They feed the f2p scraps that these “opportunist” try to pass it over as good for f2p. Like lets be real frank and tyler are actually trash. Like yes they are decent in other things but they are borderline trash.

Easy for me personally i have laopo.

Guys, in every aspect of life those who pay have better stuff that those who don’t pay.

Is that simple.

The only question in game should be if f2p can play the game without being smashed by p2p.

Well, the answer is simple. If one is active enough, he can compete with spenders.

I am f2p for years and always struggled. With the new card system and many events lately, game became really enjoyable for f2p.

I really have nothing to complain of.

And if you are a f2p that can’t compete, either you are not active, or you make bad decisions when choosing what toon you get next, or simply you are not good at the game.

But complaining about why f2p get less then p2p is just against logic. My2c.


One Liu is worthless but two in a defense team is almost impossible to passe

Yes of course, tell that to teams with 2 traders, 2 frost, 2 shivas, 2 rositas, oh please! :roll_eyes:

Yeah activity can magically beat that somehow without luck on your side, reread that, spenders Can have a field of eight? Your math might be off my dude

You should know that in this game you can only build a team of 5 own characters and in some cases 1 extra for the faction support for certain maps, when referring to

I was referring to the teams that contain 2 of those characters, not all of them in a single team, I hope that helps to understand better, it is clear that that could not be explained, I think it is easy to understand.

Yes, i beat those teams with priya, siddiq, zander, princess and kenny. Easily i mean. 3 turns usually. 🤷 All free toons. Weapons? Yes, i have perfect weapons and that was the only rng involved.

Before kenny i used cole (6*, yes). And 2 priyas instead of 2 commanders.

I have somewhere about 95% win chance. Sry, but is just like that. If u can’t beat trader teams, friendly duel til you can.