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Being nosy at a public comment that was rude? Not at all. Please come again.

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Sure, I’ll draw it.

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In before bubbles lame comment.

Friendly reminder : mind your own f* mdan business

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this is five finger death punch right

where is your drawing


Yeah, an awesome band

Let me get this straight: someone offers to do something with their own free time for fun. You offer a rude comment. I can read it in a public setting. I should mind my own business. This is why society is stupid.


yes they are very fun

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why are you so much just insecure and angry

I bet u go to a park, listen to people’s conversations and make such comments not minding your own business, u know what’s that will get u…

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have you ever done a creative thing in life or you are just happy being miserable

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You can draw pretty good.

No one in the world is miserable more than u, scopely boot licker


That was fast lol but that looks pretty sweet! Thanks!

Certainly, because good drawings needs time

i think this is called projecting



This shows getting good, kook is white knighting and bubbles is hating, kook vs bubbles :popcorn:


My cousin can come up with something quickly that looks amazing. No drawings don’t take time. Take more time with your responses to get on a level worth caring about.