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Should scopely add f2p regions where people who dont have the money or the time to be able to compete with spenders have the option of going to when they start playing they can choose between free to play and normal regions and they can add a few so they can still do cross region wars and stuff but without being crushed by the spenders. they can make it though so that people from f2p regions can transfer out for free one time to a normal region but cant go back once they leave the regions are locked as only able to leave and join normals not enter from normal regions

How should that work?
Sorry you watched a ad for 3 coins please leave


no no on you can still watch adds and gain coins from like the leauges and stuff just no packs and paying for bonuses so it stays f2p

What is the difference?
People with time have big up against people that play casual time.
So we need another region where no ads and offers to


it will come down to people just pure grinding and playing instead of buying offers and coins to get ahead

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Frankly idont see the difference.
Tapjoy and ads is money just in other way.

the diffrence is if you have the time to sit there and watch ads and do offers then thats fine do it spend that much time to get to where you want but atleast people wont be buying hundres of dollars worth of stuff and crushing everyone who cant

They would miss out on the chance of selling stuff, that is economically inefficient.


its money but its money everyone can get where as like i cant spend my real money on this game because i struggle with money in real life right now tapjoy and ads are somthing everyone can do @Tsarraz

@Envoy actually if they keep the ads and the tapjoy offers they make money off of those thats why they get coins they wont make as much but they will still make money and its not like the normal spenders are going to dissapear they will still be there

They had to open a seperate server wich causes additional effort for no guaranteed profit. This far impossible.

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Dont get me wrong, I would love the idea, being a former f2p player myself. It wont happen tho.

U dont need to apoligize for.that clear this game needs f2p just like p2w players some people dont understand f2p are needed in the game how els can they war or they start crying they have only 2 factions to war against in crw

Ir hoy stay on a wave 3 region maybe you can get a f2p region, if you are on a wave 1 region better start again …

What happens if spend in f2p? Do you get kicked out? I’m in a wave 1 region and i haven’t spent money in this game in years.

They make it so theres no shop in the f2p region the only thing in the shop is stuff that gold can buy @Mmmkay

Just out of curiosity, what benefit do you think scopely gets out of this?


Only way it could be done, not that it would be a good option, would be to have regions separated by either prestige or your team strength s score.
So if you are prestige\team 1-3 one region, 4-5 in another and so on.
Problem with this would be you’d not be able to play with friends unless they moved at the same pace. With the super secret RNG though they\you may not get the good weapons\characters\mods\gear\liliths\adens\ygl\parts basically anything in the game to get further.
Being a game of haves and have nots it is just better to keep everyone mixed.

As I mentioned before and @Rickygrimes now, there is absolutely no profit for scopes in this.

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