Free to play region


Scopely needs to create a region strictly free to play…


You mean the under a thousand dollar region


lol will never happen


It will be by spending idf anything a section of regions for those who spent under a thousand those under 5000 and those over 10k


F2P…ugh… term frustrates me so much. What percentage of the player base is truly free to play? 1%? Less?

Bought a 30 day pass - Not F2P
Bought the recent Mirabelle/Carl offer - Not F2P

You cannot suggest to me that there is really a high proportion of people who have not spent a single penny/cent/peso on this game. And that is even before we suggest they should have their own region.


And what happens when one of those poor SOB’s tries his luck on several pulls and that prestige “accidently” goes up to the next level. Do they get booted from the region?


I’m yes


I can just see Scopely scrambling towards this idea. Just think of all the dollars!


There is quite literally not profit in this, so it simply won’t happen.

Morgan tried to advertise for free/low spending players but it looks like a bunch of whale factions moved there looking for an easy kill. shame really but when high spending players asked for more competition it seems what they really wanted was more easy teams to kill.


This could happen. How many games are F2P and have a huge number of players.
there are other ways of winning money with games. Advertisement for example.

This is probably the only game i play that i feel that i don’t stand a chance if i don’t spend.

F2P region would be awesome IMHO.


This isn’t other games. This is Scopely…


Everyone needs to quit complaining about the f2p/p2p/whale situations. Suck it up, put on your big boy pants, and just play the game.


Watched any coin ads/done any offers = not F2P


Scopely is a business whose main reason for building the game was to make money.
Im sure they would be happy to do it … if you could show them how it would would make them more money.

F2P is the rest of the pack racing against Lance Armstrong and US Postal.


Even if they did do that money player would join once in would spend $1k. Scopley isn’t going to be sorry you spent to much to stay there once that starts the butt hurts start complaining saying there usual person is a hacker


Well new money player


I’m just trying to wrap my head around the logistics In your mind. Players wouldn’t be allowed to spend money in this fantasy region? Would they have access to the premier wheel? If they could only use an ad coins you would have a region that is dominated by the first guy to pull and Erica or magna or Lydia and the vast majority would be running around with four and five stars for an exceedingly long time save for basically everyone having the exact same Ftp toons.


Now that’s just stupid, if you’ve obtained coins by undertaking offers or watching ads, of course you are F2P.

Because, by that same misguided logic, as soon as you complete the first World Map stage “Welcome to Home Mart” and receive the coin reward, you are suddenly no-longer F2P. Oh shit, wait, we all got coins from leagues. That means the only F2P players are those who started the game Monday. We’re all just a bunch of Whales. Nooooooooooooooooo…….!..!..!!


We all know this would never happen… and even if it did, the top factions would eventually become P2P in order to gain an advantage. Just how life works.


Well by your assertion, someone who buys a monthly pass in let’s say Europe gets way less coins than someone who has never spent a dollar in the United States through tap joy offers (the offers vary depending on country). So who has the bigger advantage? An f2p United States player who can grind out close to 50k in coins through tap joy or a monthly pass P2P player from England?