Free S-Class Fighter Event - Begins Sept 6

Greetings Survivors,

With the entrance of S-Class fighters into the game you’ve likely seen that we’ve recently made efforts to improve the accessibility of powerful 5-Star Ascendables and 6-Star fighters (ex: Token Wheel Updates, Season Store fighters) and we’ve also begun to make S-Class collectibles more accessible to players through various gameplay modes (ex: War Crates, Raid Tournament Drop Crates, Roadmaps, Free Gifts).

To keep that momentum going, we’re excited to announce a new event that will give all players the ability to earn a new S-Class fighter.

How it Works

Beginning on Sept 6, through a combination of logging in and gameplay, players will be able to earn a new S-Class fighter.

Every day, players will want to collect a new collectible item: Gold Bricks. Gold Bricks can be earned via:

  • Daily Login: x5 Gold Bricks
  • Daily Roadmap (requires World Energy): x5 Gold Bricks

So, every day, players can earn a total of 10 Gold Bricks simply by logging in and playing through the daily Gold Brick roadmap.

Players will take those Gold Bricks and redeem them in the Museum via two different Collections:

  • Collection 1 (limit: 1)

    • Requirement: Gold Brick (x10)
    • Reward: S-Class Fighter Choice Box
      • The S-Class Fighter Choice Box will allow players to choose 1 of 2 new S-Class fighters. This can only be redeemed once, so choose wisely!
  • Collection 2 (limit: 22)

    • Requirement: Gold Brick (x40)
    • Reward: Knife (x1)
      • Knives are the unique item required to tier up your new S-Class fighter. The event allows players to redeem 22 knives, which is the total amount required to take the fighter to tier 4.

Yes, looking at the details above, this means that on day 1 of the event all players will be able to collect a new S-Class fighter from the Museum!

Survivors Club Exclusive

For those players in the Survivors Club, there will be a daily roadmap that grants an additional 4 Gold Bricks. This will aid in the collection of Knives to accelerate the tier up process.

S-Class Fighters

Once players have collected 10 Gold Bricks they will be able to choose one of the two following S-Class fighters:

Christa - Displayed stats do not include Veteran Gear upgrades

  • Trait: Alert (Red)
  • Role: Damage
  • Stats: HP:3452 ATK:3452 DEF: 3884
  • Rush: Deal 750% damage to one enemy. Two other characters get 50% slow and 100% Heal Reduction for 3 turns (Min AP: 66)
  • Active Skill: This character gets focus for 3 turns. Up to 2 enemies get -40% defense for 2 turns.
    • Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
    • Cooldown: 2 Turns
    • Number of Uses: 5
  • Specialist Skill: Waste Not

James - Displayed stats do not include Veteran Gear upgrades

  • Trait: Strong (Green)
  • Role: Damage
  • Stats: HP:3614 ATK:3776 DEF: 3398
  • Rush: Attack 2 times for 250% (total 500%) to one enemy. Up to 3 enemies get 600 Bleed for 3 turns. This character gains +50 crit for 3 turns. (Min AP: 76)
  • Active Skill: This character gets Elusive for 3 turns and 40% AP
    • Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
    • Cooldown: 5 Turns
    • Number of Uses: 5
  • Specialist Skill: Collateral Damage 2
  • Fixed Weapon Skill: Better chance when above 50% Max HP to gain +60 Crit

Tiering Up

Both Christa and James require a unique item, Knives, to tier up. Knife requirements at each evolution tier (22 total knives required) are:

  • Tier 1 -> 2 = 3 Knives
  • Tier 2 -> 3 = 7 Knives
  • Tier 3 -> 4 = 12 Knives

If you are collecting 10 Gold Bricks a day (non-Survivors Club members) or 14 Gold Bricks a day (Survivors Club members), you’ll be able to obtain knives at the following rate to tier up your new S-Class fighter:

  • Non-Survivors Club Members (88 days total)

    • Tier 1 -> 2 = 12 Days
    • Tier 2 -> 3 = 28 Days
    • Tier 3 -> 4 = 48 Days
  • Survivors Club Members (64 days total)

    • Tier 1 -> 2 = 9 Days
    • Tier 2 -> 3 = 20 Days
    • Tier 3 -> 4 = 35 Days

Note: There may be various limited-time events (roadmaps, offers, etc) that may become available that reward Gold Bricks and/or Knives to aid in speeding up the tiering process.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this upcoming event. Thank you for your support and please let us know your feedback!

Update: As stated in the post Collateral Damage [09/06] , we wanted to share with you that the Specialist Skill Collateral Damage will be improved in a forthcoming update that may help you with your decision between Christa and James.


Who cares when I gotta go spend 2 months in a dead region I don’t want to be in just to get where I want to be? May not even be playing still by the time I’d get it.


Sounds awesome, I appreciate it


We’re not


Very happy with this nee event


Now this sounds good!


And just like that u all got bribed to forget about the transfer fiasco. Sheep


FUCK YES. THANKS SCOPELY. A free s class is sure to close the gap. Not sure but at least it’ll do.


so by far the two worst SClass weve seen? awesome, cant wait to miss it.


Will knives be free too?

Waste not should not be the specialist skill, if she kills a toon and theres a payback toon on the team will still trigger but i like this move scopley. :grin:


If knives are not f2p, then its same free “andrea shield” that we already had


Thankful that they are both attacks toons. What are SC members supposed to do with the extra bricks?


Build a house :joy:


I am looking forward to this and it’ll be good to get a foot in the S-Class door. But,

Have to keep up other collections for other S-Classes. Should someone miss this, they’re going to be behind to the majority. Have to keep the channel for more S-Classes open. This shouldn’t be job done, everyone satisfied for 6 months. Don’t want to end up back in the Carl/Mira era neither

But a good first step so far.


88 days is too long


and the 2 skills that people dont really want now payback is out there



That’s the point, as always. Make the masses happy with a toon that will be outdated when maxed