Free rosita or is it?


With qualifying purchase. What qualifies as a purchase? And is anyone going for it?

Free 5* rosita with purchase

what? where? Don’t see this offer…


Don’t see it either. Probably 3* rosita though lol


@celab_dtr_etowah a faction m8 said he saw rosita in offers too for a short time, can you screenshoot it before it dissapears?


its red dual uzi neut rosita



So anything from offers for straight cash. Buying with coins excludes it


got 3x 2.3k coin offers dint get her


thats the one i seen


Also qualifying is spelt incorrectly


Has it worked for anyone has not for me


Would be super awesome if they werent completely vague about it all. Have people buying coin packs that isnt using ingame currency yet still not gettinf her so what gives???


I bought some stuff yesterday. Do I not get her?


And which Rosita is it?


I paid 49.99 for shiva package got her 5 star non ascendable came from with 10 cans world energy bunch of trainers


:rofl: Gotta love that quality control.


Probably an old offer and it’s just popping up now.


Fifty bucks for Rosita? Fuck that.


Only if you didnt need shiva. Or its shiva and rosita for 50. Or 50 for shiva an a free rosita. Whichever way you wanna look at it.


You mean quolity control?